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1st Nature-based Solutions Course (NBS-1)
Event Date: 22 – 26 Aug 2022

With the effects of climate change becoming more evident, NbS can greatly enhance resilience to disasters and climate change. Not only can they reduce exposure to hazards or act as natural buffers against them, they can also remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and promote the integrity of ecosystems, which are both likely to be critical in the achievement of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation goals.

27th Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction Course
Event Date: 19 – 23 Sep 2022

The two-week course is based on the premise that all disasters are local. This means that it is always the communities that bear the brunt of the impacts of disasters. Better disaster prevention, response and recovery measures will help to protect communities from disaster impacts and protect institutional and organizational investments in communities.

4th Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Disaster Risk Reduction Course (GESI in DRR)
Event Date: 17 – 21 Oct 2022

In disasters, the needs of women, girls, boys and men are different and distinct. However, women and girls are disproportionally affected. Other marginalized and vulnerable sectors of the population such as persons with disabilities and persons with special needs are as equally affected. This reality strengthens the maxim that genuine development must leave no one behind

50th Disaster Management Course (DMC-50) Golden Edition
Event Date: 21 – 25 2022

This is one of the ADPC Academy’s flagship courses, along with the CBDRR and FDRM. The two-week course has so far produced more than 1,000 alumni who went on to make major contributions in the DRM field. The topics to be covered cut across multi-hazard, multi-level, multi-agency, and multi-disciplinary facets and address both event-related activities as well as those activities that need to be undertaken to prevent or mitigate the impacts of hazards

16th Flood Disaster Risk Management Course (FDRM-16)
Event Date: 5 – 9 Dec 2022

The course is highly relevant given that floods alone account for 40% of the natural hazards in the Asia Pacific Region and tops in terms of disaster losses. Lessons will be identified from a number of recent major floods, including those in Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand.

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